My Work

Credit: Matthew Schwab

Below you will find some of my favorite work. For ghostwriting and editing, please contact me directly for samples at the info below.

Modern Melodrama

How the American Telenovela Jane the Virgin Updates the Sentimental Novel With its lack of regard for plausibility and a strong, moralistic heroine, Jane the Virgin is a modern reinterpretation of the nineteenth-century sentimental novel tailored to fit the needs of the growing Latino community, which today makes up more than seventeen percent of the…

Someone. Anyone.

Haitham exchanges a warm greeting with his friends as he finds space in the circle and settles into a cross-legged position. He unsheathes the drum his daughter was playing earlier and cradles it gently between his arm and side. He rubs the transparent blue face. Any unseen lint or debris falls off. It’s time to…

Spatulas and Axes

Tina has spent years learning the laws of the road that leads to Telos. She’s traveled it many times, but since she’s been coming to Telos weekly, she’s memorized it. Still, she’s not cocky. Mack trucks, giant metal crocodiles pulling lengthy wooden tails, frequent the road. When they move slow, they are menacing and unpredictable.…