Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant

Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant (Originally published in Que Pasa, copyright November 2013)  – – When it comes to chiltepe peppers, do not let size fool you. These pint-sized capsicums, native to the southern United States and Central America, look harmless but they pack a mountain of heat that will have your eyesContinue reading “Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant”

The Garifuna’s Tapado

The Garifuna’s Tapado  (Originally published in Revue Magazine, copyright November 2012) – – With an abundance of impossibly fresh seafood and locally grown, tropical produce – from bright green plantains to coffee-brown coconuts – it is no wonder food on Guatemala’s Caribbean coast is distinctive from platos tipicos found on the interior. Aside from ingredients,Continue reading “The Garifuna’s Tapado”