Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant

Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant (Originally published in Que Pasa, copyright November 2013)  – – When it comes to chiltepe peppers, do not let size fool you. These pint-sized capsicums, native to the southern United States and Central America, look harmless but they pack a mountain of heat that will have your eyesContinue reading “Chiltepe Peppers – A Little (HOT) Giant”

Miranda – A Love Story

Miranda – A Love Story  (Originally published on, copyright August 2012)  – – As soon as Mauricio Miranda and his wife, Sasha, signed the lease for their namesake restaurant, buyer’s remorse set in.  “…We started realizing next door is an abandoned building where homeless people lived and we’re like, ‘what are we doing? WhatContinue reading “Miranda – A Love Story”

The Garifuna’s Tapado

The Garifuna’s Tapado  (Originally published in Revue Magazine, copyright November 2012) – – With an abundance of impossibly fresh seafood and locally grown, tropical produce – from bright green plantains to coffee-brown coconuts – it is no wonder food on Guatemala’s Caribbean coast is distinctive from platos tipicos found on the interior. Aside from ingredients,Continue reading “The Garifuna’s Tapado”