Natalie Rose is a freelance writer and multimedia producer.

She writes about travel and culture, fascinating people she encounters on her travels and anything to do with food. She produces documentaries, branded content and commercial projects.

She studied storytelling at the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine and film at New York University. Her work has appeared on Freerange Nonfiction, Gothamist, The Latin Kitchen, Honest Cooking, Revue and Que Pasa.

In her spare time, she is an avid cook and eater.  The daughter of a Mexican-American mother and a Lebanese-American father, Natalie honed her palate tied to the apron strings of family members keen to pass along  strong culinary traditions of Mexico, Lebanon, and her native Arizona. She has eaten in 3-star Michelin restaurants and off of dried banana leaves on dirt floors in her beloved India. Her mother says she was always a very good eater.

She writes about her adventures on Chocolate and Chiles.

She splits her time between the US and Guatemala. She is always interested in hearing a good story.